2013年9月26日 星期四

2013 格蘭哥尼新蛻變



New Glengoyne range unveiled after 18 months’ development

Glengoyne has launched its new range of award-winning Single Malt Scotch Whisky at the Tax Free World Association show in Cannes.
The distillery, based in Dumgoyne, runs its stills slower than anyone else in Scotland. Fittingly, it took over 18 months to create the new range, in partnership with top UK design consultancy, Good Creative.
這間位在Dumgoyne的蒸餾廠,以蘇格蘭最緩慢蒸餾速度踏著不疾不徐的步伐。花費18個月與英國頂尖設計團隊「好創意」(Good Creative)公司共同量身打造出新系列嶄新形象。

Drawing on Glengoyne’s meticulous approach, the brief was to clearly reinforce its position in the crafted luxury category. Almost 10 years since Ian Macleod Distillers acquired the brand, Glengoyne has increased sales volumes by 250%. This is against a backdrop of increasing global sales of Scotch Whisky, and a trend towards premium brands in the sector.
有鑑於格蘭哥尼本身一絲不苟的態度,團隊在包裝設計上也加強了品牌奢華且獨具匠心的特色。從Ian Macleod家族接手格蘭哥尼後,其威士忌的銷售量在近10年來增加了250%的驚人數字。以蘇格蘭在全球威士忌的銷量來說,格蘭哥尼在領導品牌上逐漸追上國際大品牌的腳步。

The design team was asked to build on Glengoyne’s success by drawing on the brand’s strengths –
First of all, Good created a new strapline, “Worth the wait” – reinforcing the clear link between craft and taste. They also redesigned every bottle label and every carton in the core range, right down to redrawing the brand crest by hand.
首先,好創意設計公司將其「值得等待」(Worth The Wait)概念清楚表現,強調設計感與品嘗的品味相互輝映。同時重新設計核心產品酒標及外包裝的紙盒,利用格蘭哥尼品牌名稱上的天鵝圖騰以手工描繪出羽毛的精緻設計。

This alone took months of refinement, before the two geese were finally ready to adorn the packaging. (Glengoyne means ‘Glen of the Wild Geese’ in the original Gaelic.)
The revitalised brand rests on three values, each tapping into a truth about the whisky. The first, “caring nature”, draws on craft elements such as barley dried by air, and oak which waits six years before it is ready to make its home in Glengoyne’s warehouses.
Glengoyne’s second value is “enduring spirit”; skills are passed down from seasoned hand to new apprentice. Robbie Hughes, today’s distillery manager, aims to create a whisky that would be recognisable to George Connell, the first man to hold the job. “Pioneering independence” is the third value – underlining Glengoyne’s history of setting trends, independent ownership and strength in convictions.
第二個品牌價值:延續傳統。用老一輩的經驗親自傳承給下一代。現任酒廠經理Robbie Hughes提及,即便是已故首任酒廠經理George Connell也認得出現在的製作手法仍是保留傳統。第三個品牌價值:創新獨立。非一般大財團經營,反而一直保留家族經營模式的格蘭哥尼,獨立的經營權讓它保有優勢。

The new packaging features crisp contrasts, bold type and an emphasis on letting the whisky speak its own truth. It is all part of a set of principles and traditions, which is “The Glengoyne Way”.
Andy Lane, Glengoyne’s Travel Retail Director said:
“By repackaging Glengoyne, we’re underlining our pioneering approach in this important market – we’re always looking for ways to improve our offering.
新包裝俐落的設計感,直接表達出威士忌本身會說話。從包裝上可看出格蘭哥尼式的風格強調傳統特色。格蘭哥尼旅遊零售部門主管Andy Lane提到:「藉由設計新包裝,再一次在市場上強調我們的位置,不斷地去改善我們所提供的產品。」
“Tax Free World Association is our opportunity to talk to key buyers about our obsession with quality, and how we’re reinforcing our position in the premium sector.
“We now have an award winning range that includes the travel retail exclusives, Burnfoot and 15 year old Distiller’s Gold along with 10 year old, Cask strength and 21 year old.
“The iconic 17 year old is also upgraded to a world-class 18 year old, containing spirit from the finest casks in our warehouses.

“At a time when the industry is squeezing every last litre out of their distilleries, we hold true to our craft. Only by distilling slower than anyone else in Scotland can we genuinely claim that Glengoyne is worth the wait.”
The Glengoyne range launch will be backed by a new website, brand guidelines and a new advertising campaign.
The new Glengoyne travel retail range will be in-store from April/May 2013.
Take your time. Enjoy your dram responsibly.